We offer consulting, planning, and a broad spectrum of technical services both to USA- and Latin American/Caribbean-based clients in the entertainment industries, such as TV studios, theatres, churches, and live shows.

Over the past 35 years, our associates have forged valuable and close relationships with manufacturers, distributors, and representatives in the acoustical and lighting industries, giving our associates and clients definite advantages.

Lumenlux & Associates, Inc. specializes in providing lighting, acoustical production, and audio-visual equipment and material for television, theatres, and shows. We provide products and equipment from different companies, including the following:

Fixtures                                                                                                                                    Lamps                                                                                                                                   Accessories                                                                                                                         Dimming and Control

Acoustical                                                                                                                            Sound Absorbers
Noise Barriers & Vibration Control
Sound Diffusers / Diffusers
Acoustical Wall Panels & Fabric

Production Equipment                                                                                               Rigging / Truss
Dollies & Crane
Grip Equipment
Generators & Miscellaneous

Video Projection
Sound equipment
Intercom & Communications


We also provide services for:

– Architectural Exteriors
– Architectural Themes
– Churches
– Conference Centers
– Hotels
– Theatres
– Night Clubs
– Restaurants
– Shows
– Television
– Theme Parks

Our Associates                                                                                                                
- will travel and provide support on behalf of manufacturers and distributors to Latin America and the Caribbean.

– act as purchasing agents for clients in Latin America and the Caribbean, consulting on fair values for equipment and services for their projects.

– will make recommendations to clients on equipment acquisitions based on our experience with manufacturers and/or their representatives.

– provide system design and integration for rigging, grid, electrical distribution, dimming, control, curtains, tracks, grip equipment, and other production equipment.

– are available to travel, consult, and provide local support. We join the client’s workforce and offer them our support in preparing and executing lighting design and technical production.

– will inspect and take inventory of lighting equipment, curtains, rigging, seating, and other technical equipment.

We guarantee to work for our client with the purpose of obtaining the best result for their projects.