Lists of gel frames by manufacturers and sizes.

We have prepared the following lists of  the most common lighting fixtures  gel frames used day to day in your productions.
This list is published to help technicians and lighting designers alike in the preparation and calculations of gelatins or other means of diffusion required for a particular production or simply to calculate the needed  stock for their warehouse. We  hope that this information will helps them have a successful production.

We have tried to include the name of the lights, the model number, and if necessary the beam angles and the “sizes” of  gel frames both in “Imperial” and “metric” measurements .


This information was  compiled from the specification sheets of the lights and from third parties, whom have published this information. We requested that the readers inform us of known errors and/or additions to help us keep the list current for everyone’s benefit.

Most of the designers and technicians whom we know are professionals that strive to do a great job. We know that their works is prepared meticulously, without regard for time, especially in the selection of filters and colors. As result from this knowledge, it is our pleasure to have the opportunity to support their creativity and to facilitate information that will facilitates and supports their effort preparing their order of gel colors and diffusers for their next project.

How to Find the Correct Lamp / Bulb

Fill out as much of the information bellow as possible; the correct information will be helpful in assisting you and us find the correct lamp for your specific need:

Tungsten Halogen – Incandescence Lamps – Bulb Identification

Stage and Studio Lamps – Filament Identification

Incandescent Lamps – Filament Identification
Stage and Studio Lamps – Base Identification
Projection Lamps – Filament Identification
GE Projection Lamps – Base Identification

Halogen Lamps – Bulb Identification

Halogen Lamps – Filament Identification

High Intensity Discharge Lamps