Alexandra Castro
LumenLux & Associates, Inc.

A graduate of Washington State University with a degree in Business Administration, Alexandra brings a wealth of experience to LumenLux & Associates, Inc. Ms. Castro originally joined Mr. Perez in Miami in 1996 as a cofounder of the Barbizon Latin America and Caribbean office.

Alexandra has accumulated a vast wealth of experience and knowledge as a System Integration Project Manager, Latin American and Caribbean sales, Latin American Business Development, and as a Purchasing Manager. Her goals remain to serve the Lighting Industry Professionals and helping all of our friends and clients achieve their productions dream.


Hiram Pérez
CEO, founder; principal consultant
LumenLux & Associates, Inc.

Hiram Pérez, specializes in the sale, supervision and coordination of projects “turn-key” for lighting systems for theatres, television studios, and stage shows. With more than 42 years of professional experience in the lighting industry, Mr. Pérez has distinguished himself as a designer, technical director, production direction and equipment sales. He has dedicated more than twenty five years of his illustrious career to education in a university environment.

Mr. Pérez possesses vast experience in the field of professional lighting acquired during more than 26 years as part of the professional staff of the School of Music and Theater Arts at Washington State University; two years as the Director of International Sales for Colortran, Inc., and four years as founder and Manager of the Latin America and the Caribbean Miami operation  for the Barbizon Lighting Companies.


Other Associates Include:

Angel Blanquez
DP, Lighting Specialist

Angel E. Blanquez, Director of photography, began his illustrious career working with his father, an excellent Gaffer in its own right during the golden era of the Argentinean cinema. Angel, learned well from his father and continued his career working for American TV, channel 2, as an Assistant and then as a Gaffer. Eventually he went to work at Channel 9, Liberty TV, then in Ronda Studios, owned at the time of Omar Romay.  Angel’s father was also a member of its talented technical cast producing telenovelas. Angel acquired much knowledge from international professionals and other well-known lighting designers and directors of photography in Brazil and other countries of the Southern Cone, where he worked closely with them in the productions of both film and telenovelas. It was during that time that he met and worked with Omar Romay, owner of Sherjan Broadcasting, WJAN-Channel 41, and America TeVe who in 1999 brought him to Miami as its director of lighting and photography. Angel is still exercising in that capacity and has been rewarded with two Emmy Awards during the ceremony of the 37 Suncost Emmy Award in 2013 in the region NATAS for his excellent work. One of the Emmy Awards was for lighting and the other for Direction of Photography.

Angel has served as a member of the creative team of LumenLux & Associates, Inc, since 2001; as a Direction of Photography, Lighting Designer, Creative Image Development and Project Adviser.


– Designer; Project Coordinator

– Audio/Video Expert